After durable advance preparation our company has decided to enter the market with our own paramotor unit.

Our pilots have solid experience of motor flights, they have used different motor units, taking part in numerous competitions beginning from AirGames 2001 in Spain and all of Ukrainian paramotor competitions. Basing on that experience, close communication with other pilots and sportsmen we have created our own motor unit with the help of a new design concept.

Our motorframe consists of details that were automatically cut from plate aviation duralium alloy as well as a carbon protection ring that was given an aerodynamic form. The unit has a good reasoned construction that allows a rapid assembly and disassemlby (90 seconds for assembly and 30 seconds for disassembly, excluding the propeller).

To create our motor unit we have used automatic design system to simplify the complex junction of elements and receive a united motor structure. We have designed a paramotor with a good safety margin that gives a beginner pilot an opportunity to make some small mistakes without fatal damages. And absolute changeability of all details allows to fulfill small repairs by a simple change of a broken part. Our dealers obligatory have all repair details.

The assembled protection ring need less space that a classic fence. The motor unit is supplied with coverings for motor, fence and propeller.

We have also produced a harness integrated with our motor unit. It has such block withdrawable parts as: side pockets and parachute container that can be put either on the left side or on the right side. Additionally you can order a front parashute container and put two side pockets. The harness also has a capatious lower pocket.

Sky Country Paramotors